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Sheldon Lost A Bet Against Will Wheaton

In this week’s English lesson, you can watch Sheldon and his friends losing a bet against Will Wheaton and Stuart Bloom (= the owner of the comic book store). As a result of their loss, they have to dress up as female superheroes.

For optimal learning results, I recommend following the five steps in exactly this order:

  1. Watch the complete scene with Subtitles
  2. Read the full Transcript
  3. Learn the Vocabulary and Phrases
  4. Test yourself by watching the whole scene again (this time without subtitles)
  5. Test yourself with some quiz questions

Step 1: Watch with Subtitles

Step 2: Read the Transcript


Stuart: So, we’re all clear on the bet and the stakes?

Sheldon: Oh, yes. The losers will be publicly humiliated in a fashion to be chosen by the victor. FYI, I plan on having you publish a scientific paper expounding the discredited Velikovsky hypothesis.

Stuart: Ouch again.

Will: Hey, Sheldon, I just wanted you to know that I’m really looking forward to wiping the floor with you.

Sheldon: Oh, yes? Well, before I respond, let me ask you a question. Is your mother a good or poor bowler?

Will: After you.

Sheldon: No, after you, as we are currently crushing you, Wesley.

Will: It’s customary for the player on the right-hand lane to bowl first.

Sheldon: All right.

Will: It’s a custom, not a rule.

Sheldon: I so loathe you.

Will: That’s right, Sheldon. Embrace the dark side.


Sheldon: Be the ball, Howard.

Howard: Leave me alone, Sheldon.

Sheldon: You weren’t the ball.


Stuart: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yeah, I’m telling you, the chicks are much looser than on eHarmony. You know, I, I gotta call you back. I won a bet, and it’s time to collect.

Raj: I don’t know about you, but I feel empowered.

Step 3: Learn the Vocabulary

to be clear on something = to have a good understanding of something; to be perfectly clear about something

Stuart used this phrase to ensure there were no misunderstandings about the consequences of their bet. 

Please note: Another interesting idiom with a similar meaning would be “to be on the same page,” which means to agree about something.

Example: Try to get employees and clients on the same page.

stake = something that you risk losing in a bet or in an activity that can succeed or fail

Example: How much was the stake (= How much did you bet)?

to humiliate = to make someone feel ashamed or lose respect for himself or herself

Example: How could you humiliate me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone?

victor = the winner of a game, competition, or bet

Example: The victor in the 1960 US presidential election was John F. Kennedy.

FYI = short for “for your information”: used when you tell someone something you think they should know

Example: FYI, tomorrow’s staff meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m.

to expound = to give a detailed explanation of something

Example: She uses her newspaper column to expound her views on environmental issues.

to discredit = to give people reason to stop believing someone or to doubt the truth of something

Example: The old Soviet economic model has been thoroughly discredited.

Velikovsky hypothesis = Immanuel Velikovsky was a Russian-American psychoanalyst, writer, and catastrophist. His theories were rejected by the academic community. (taken from Wikipedia)

ouch = used in answer to something unkind that someone says (Stuart used it in a humorous way, though.)

Example: “I really think you’re much too fat.” > “Ouch, that was mean.”

to wipe the floor with someone = to defeat someone very easily

Example: “I hear Italy beat Andorra in the semifinals last night.” > Beat them? They wiped the floor with them.”

bowler = someone who bowls

Bowling is a game played inside, in which you roll a heavy ball down a track to try to knock down a group of pins.

Example: I go bowling for relaxation.

to crush someone = to defeat someone completely

Please note: Sheldon uses the word “to crush” because Will Wheaton once played a character in Star Trek called Wesley Crusher. So, it was also a play on words.

Example: France crushed Wales by 36 to 3 in last Saturday’s match in Paris.

customary = used to describe things that people do in particular circumstances

Example: It is customary to offer a drink or a snack to guests.

bowling lane / bowling alley = a long narrow wooden track down which the ball is rolled in bowling

to loathe someone = to hate someone

Example: From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.

someone’s dark side = the parts of a person that are unpleasant, evil, or harmful

Example: He plays a police chief who gets results despite his dark side and personal faults.

to leave someone alone = to not annoy someone

Example: This little girl won’t leave Uncle Steve alone on the phone.

chick = a young woman

Please note: Many women consider this word offensive, so please be careful when using it in conversation.

Example: She is a hot chick. (slang) and eHarmony = online dating services

loose = having low morals; sexually free

If someone describes a person or their behavior as loose, they more or less disapprove of that person because they think she or he has sexual relationships with too many people.

Example: Her neighbor calls her a loose woman.

Another example: He is a young man of loose morals.

gotta = have got to

Example: I gotta go now.

to feel empowered = to feel confident and in control

Example: Educators should feel empowered to try out new teaching strategies.

Step 4: Watch without Subtitles

Step 5: Take the Test

Sheldon Lost A Bet Against Will Wheaton

1 / 4

In the scene, Sheldon says to Will Wheaton: "I so ........ you."

2 / 4

What does the expression "to wipe the floor with someone" mean?

3 / 4

What does the abbreviation FYI stand for?

4 / 4

Which of the following statements is/are true (more than one answer may be correct)?

Your score is


Scene taken from Season 3, Episode 19 of The Big Bang Theory: The Wheaton Recurrence | Definitions and example sentences are primarily taken from the Cambridge, Collins, Merriam-Webster, and Oxford Dictionary.

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