curious – delicate – engaged – eventually

#1 curious

Sheldon annoys Howard and Raj at work, and they send him away. Sheldon doesn’t fully understand why.


Howard: Sheldon, there’s a diploma in my office that says I have a master’s in engineering.

Sheldon: And you also have a note from your mother that says I love you, Bubele. But neither of those is a cogent argument for titanium over nanotubes.

Howard: Sheldon.

Sheldon: Yes.

Howard: Go away.

Sheldon: Did Leonard tell you to say that?

Howard: No, I thought of it all by myself.

Sheldon: Huh. It can’t be a coincidence. There must be some causal link I’m missing.

Scene: Raj is exiting his office.

Raj: Go away. (Sheldon exits)

Sheldon: Curiouser and curiouser.


diploma = a document given by a college or university to show that you have passed a particular exam or finished your studies

master’s / Master of Arts = an advanced college or university degree in a particular subject such as engineering

engineering = Engineering is the work involved in designing and constructing engines and machinery.

Bubele = a Yiddish word meaning “little one”

cogent = A cogent argument is clearly expressed and persuades people to believe it.

nanotube = a tubular molecule composed of a large number of carbon atoms

coincidence = an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time

causal = a link between two things in which one causes the other

curiouser and curiouser = stranger and stranger (first used in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland; strictly speaking, this term is not grammatically correct)

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)

#2 delicate

Howard wants to engage in a conversation with Summer Glau, a famous American actress. So, he is working on his opening line.


Leonard: So aren’t you going to go talk to her?

Howard: I will, I’m just working on my opening line.

Leonard: She’s probably heard every possible line, Howard. Why don’t you just try hello?

Howard: No, no, no, that always creeps girls out. I need to come up with something that’s funny, smart and delicately suggests that my sexual endowment is disproportionate to my physical stature.

Leonard: You’re gonna need more than 11 hours.


gonna = going to

opening line = the first sentence of a planned conversation or speech

to creep somebody out = to cause someone to have an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or fear

delicate = something that is delicate needs careful treatment

sexual endowment = An endowment is something that you have from birth. With sexual endowment, Howard is referring to the size of his penis.

disproportionate = too large or too small in comparison to something else

physical stature = referring to someone’s height

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Merriam Webster Dictionary)

#3 engaged

Penny is having Christie over, also referred to as the whore of Omaha by Sheldon. Howard has to jump at the chance, of course.


Leonard: So, if you don’t like this Christie, why are you letting her stay?

Penny: Well, she was engaged to my cousin while she was sleeping with my brother, so she’s kind of family.

Sheldon: Yeah, I apologize for my earlier outburst, who needs Halo when we can be regaled with the delightfully folksy tale of the whore of Omaha?

Leonard: Oh, I don’t think she’s a whore.

Penny: No, yeah she’s definitely a whore. I mean, she has absolutely no standards. This one time, she was at… where’s Howard?

Howard (voice off)Bonjour mademoiselle, I understand you’re new in town.

Sheldon: Oh, good grief!


to jump at something = to accept an opportunity eagerly

engaged = having formally agreed to marry

outburst = a sudden forceful expression of emotion, especially anger

Halo = a video game

to regale somebody with = If somebody regales you with stories, they tell you a lot of them, whether you want to hear them or not

delightful = very pleasant, or enjoyable

folksy = something simple and informal; You sometimes use folksy to show disapproval of something because it seems unsophisticated.

folksy tale / folk tale / folk story = a story, usually of anonymous authorship and containing legendary elements, made and handed down orally among the common people

whore = an offensive word for a woman who is thought to have a lot of sexual partners

bonjour mademoiselle = greeting someone in French

Good grief! = used to emphasize how surprised, angry, or shocked you are

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)

#4 eventually

Sheldon tells Penny that he and Leonard have lied to her. Leonard is not happy, and Sheldon does not understand.


Penny: What do you want?

Sheldon: Remember how Leonard told you we couldn’t come to your performance because we were attending a symposium on molecular positronium?

Penny: I remember symposium.

Sheldon: Yes, well, he lied.

Penny: Wait, what?

Sheldon: He lied, and I’m feeling very uncomfortable about it.

Penny: Well, imagine how I’m feeling.

Sheldon: Hungry? Tired? I’m sorry, this really isn’t my strong suit.

Scene: The living room.

Leonard: You told her I lied, why would you tell her I lied?

Sheldon: To help you.

Leonard: I’m sorry, I’m not seeing the help.

Sheldon: She was going to see through your lie eventually, so I told her that you were lying to protect me.

Leonard: Oh, I’m getting a bad feeling.

Sheldon: Hunger? Indigestion, I’m sorry I’m really not very good at this.


symposium = an occasion at which people who have great knowledge of a particular subject meet in order to discuss a matter of interest

positronium = a short-lived entity consisting of a positron and an electron bound together

strong suit = a particular skill or ability that a person or an organization has

indigestion = difficulty in digesting food, accompanied by abdominal pain

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)

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