On this page, you find all the English courses I have published so far and also the ones that will come out soon. 🙂

#1 The Advanced Vocabulary Course

This year-long English course will teach you a ton of advanced vocabulary (1,000+ advanced words). But most importantly, you will learn the vocabulary in context as I will show you how to use the words in different situations. And we won’t neglect pronunciation either.

This is what you get:

  • A complete lesson is unlocked for you every single day, including (at least) three advanced English words with phonetics, example sentences, detailed explanations, and collocations (= common word pairs).
  • Plus, you can access funny scenes from popular TV series like Friends and The Big Bang Theory, where these words are used. 
  • Also included are periodic quizzes and exercises for further practice. By that, you make sure that these words are fully internalized and that you can use them in day-to-day conversations.

So, what are you waiting for?


Also planned:

  • an English course that compares American and British English,
  • an American slang course,
  • a course on English grammar,
  • and so much more …

#2 Courses based on German as the first language

Englisch lernen: Hoffentlich machst du diese Fehler nicht! (Ein Kurs zu False Friends in English)

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