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My Top 5 Sitcoms for Learning English

In today’s English lesson, I’m going to show you my top five English Sitcoms for having fun and learning English.

Please note: The words I give in bold are all explained in the description below the videos and texts. (Definitions are partly taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary.)

sitcom = short for situation comedy (a television series in which the same characters are involved in amusing situations in each show)

bold = printed in thick dark letters

Best English Sitcoms:
#5 ALF

As you can see, my personal No. 5 Sitcom is ALF. ALF stands for “Alien Life Form” and is also the name of the main character of this series. The series “ALF” is one of the oldest Sitcoms and was aired between 1986 and 1990.

Originally, I watched the series in German, my native language. When I first watched it in English, I was excited about the way ALF speaks. The way he talks is just so hilarious. And that’s the reason why this series is one of my favorites to watch in English.

nope = no

to be pinned = to be forced to stay in a particular place by putting weight on him or her

to draw attention to something = to make someone notice something or someone

undue = more than is necessary, acceptable, or reasonable

honey = a name that you call someone you love or like very much

drenched = to be extremely wet

to flail = (especially of arms and legs) to move energetically in an uncontrolled way

barbecue = a metal frame on which meat, fish, or vegetables are cooked outdoors over a fire

Alien = relating to creatures from another planet

to air = to broadcast something or be broadcast on radio or television

hilarious = extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter

Best English Sitcoms:
#4 Two and a Half Men

I just had to include “Two and a Half Men” in my Top 5 because it’s so incredibly funny. It was released between 2003 and 2015 and was originally about two brothers, Alan and Charlie, who you could both see in the scene, plus Alan’s son Jake.

Because Jake wasn’t grown up at the beginning of the series, the whole thing is called “Two and a Half Men.”

Though I also like the series when Charlie was replaced by Walden, played by Ashten Kutcher, I liked the original version more – with Charlie Sheen as Charlie.

destined = controlled by fate, and not by humans

writhe = to make twisting movements with the body, esp. because you are feeling strong emotion

blessed = holy

eternity = time that never ends or that has no limits

to pick someone = If you pick a particular person, you choose that person.

to vow = to make a determined decision or promise to do something

fealty = loyalty, especially to a king or queen

coven = a group or meeting of witches

word of mouth = If news or information passes by word of mouth, people tell it to each other rather than it being printed in written form.

sacred = considered to be holy and deserving respect, especially because of a connection with a god

to be released = to make a product, for example a TV series, available for the public to watch or buy

though = despite the fact that

Best English Sitcoms:
#3 Friends

A list of English sitcoms from which to learn English would not be complete without “Friends.” Different studies have shown that the TV series Friends is one of the best, if not the best, TV series to learn English.

As Ross is my favorite character in the series because he is kind of a nerd, I had to include this scene in today’s video (even though there wasn’t that much vocabulary to learn in this scene).

kinda = kind of

to freak out = to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional

nerd = a person who is awkward or socially embarrassing

Best English Sitcoms:
#2 King of Queens

My number two is “King of Queens.” King of Queens is a Sitcom that aired between the late 1990s and early 2000s. The series follows a middle-class couple named Doug and Carrie living in Queens, New York, along with Carrie’s father, Arthur.

The series shows their day-to-day lives and how they struggle along. Most of Doug’s and Carrie’s problems have to do with Doug adoring food so much. Plus, they often have to do with Arthur, who is a very choleric and eccentric type of person. But that’s exactly why I love this series so much.

napkin = a small square piece of cloth or paper, used while you are eating to protect your clothes or to clean your mouth or fingers

fudge = a soft sweet made from sugar, butter, and milk

to pour = If you pour a liquid or other substance, you make it flow steadily out of a container by holding the container at an angle.

where the hell = used for emphasis or to express anger, contempt, or surprise

tractor-trailer = a large truck that is made in two separate sections, a tractor and a trailer, which are joined together by metal bars

jackknifed = If a truck that has two parts jackknifes, one part moves around so far towards the other part that it cannot be driven.

to be lined up = aligned in a row

gotta = have got to

to struggle along = to experience difficulaty and make effort in order to do something

to adore = to love someone or something very much

choleric = easily annoyed

eccentric = strange or unusual, sometimes in a humorous way

Best English Sitcoms:
#1 The Big Bang Theory

My number one English Sitcom of all time is The Big Bang Theory. That’s why I have already posted several English Lessons based on the series here on my blog. And there will follow a lot more.

By the way, my favorite character in the series is Sheldon Cooper. I just like to watch his numerous obsessions and weird behavior 🙂

psychiatric disorder = behavioral, emotional, or cognitive dysfunctions that are not readily controlled by the individual

sub-psychotic = to be at risk for some sort of psychosis

rage = (a period of) extreme or violent anger

Tourette’s (syndrome) = a rare illness of the brain in which a person makes noises and movements that he or she cannot control, often saying offensive words without meaning

to mole = a small, dark spot or lump (= raised area) on a person’s skin

lesion = an injury or wound to someone’s body

skin condition = skin disease

comforting = making you feel less sad or worried

numerous = many

obsession = something or somone that you think about all the time

What’s your favorite Sitcom?

These were my top five favorite Sitcoms. Most of them are a bit older already. Yet, they are my favorites.

But what’s your favorite? Please tell me in the comments below.


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